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Adam Newsam

Chairman, Ticketmaster Sport & EVP, Latin America

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science from King’s College London University with over 24 years experience at Ticketmaster. His work has mainly focused on ensuring a world-class, harmonized experience in the different parts of the world where Ticketmaster operates.

His achievements include major sporting projects such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cups and cricket world events.

Adam is responsible for ensuring a consistent experience at Ticketmaster events globally, striving for operational and customer service excellence. His years of experience and strong operational management help us to establish world-class global and local strategies.

His passion is travel and sports. Adam is one of those people you’ll meet on a plane, train, hotel or restaurant somewhere in the world.

Donovan Ferreti

Managing Director

Donovan Ferreti, 44, born in São Paulo, has been an entertainment industry executive for over 20 years, being responsible for planning and delivering major music and sporting events throughout his career.

He has worked for the main entertainment companies in the country and has extensive international experience, acting as CEO of the largest multinational ticketing companies and, more recently, as Head of Ticketing at the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He was nominated in 2019 for the “Executive of the Year” award by The Ticketing Business.

Leonardo Nóbrega

Finance Director

Leonardo was born in São Paulo, has an academic background in Business Administration at Centro Universitário Fecap and an MBA in Controllership at FGV. He has 18 years of professional experience, 10 as a leader in the financial area of ​​multinational companies, always in companies in the fields of education and technology.

Among his professional achievements, he highlights the period in which he was expatriated to Chile to carry out a restructuring in the financial area of ​​the company’s branch in that country. He had to learn the language, restructure the team and many processes, and with that he ended up being highlighted as a key player in the financial area in the Latin American region and participated in other projects in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

His passion is for travel and sports, especially football where he is a fanatic supporter of his team in Brazilian football. He also closely follows international soccer and North-American sports, particularly the NBA.

Camila Takemoto

Marketing Director

Camila Takemoto was born in São Paulo, has a degree in Social Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of São Paulo, and has more than 14 years of experience in Marketing with a focus on digital content and social networks.

Passionate about concerts and events, she started her career in Digital Marketing in the financial sector and later in advertising service, to then establish herself in the live entertainment and ticketing market starting in 2016. She worked planning the communication strategy for some of the biggest international tours passing through Brazil, as well as exhibitions and world-class sports events.

In addition to concerts, she still has time for hobbies such as Cooking and Beading. She is passionate about Kpop and Asian Culture in general.

Renan Marangoni

HR Director

With more than 12 years of experience in the Human Resources area in the financial and technology sector, Renan graduated in Business Administration with an MBA in Business Management at Faculdade Getúlio Vargas.

His career was built from passages through various areas of Human Resources, from recruitment, compensation, business partner to the operations area. At Ticketmaster, he will be responsible for leading and structuring the entire local HR team, providing support and support to the teams on the fronts of benefits, career, corporate strategies, development and culture.

Assiduous practitioner of sports, including running and tennis, Renan also loves to travel, read and discover new restaurants.

Luiza Levy

Operations Director

Luiza Levy graduated in Business Administration at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo, with 20 years of professional experience and 13 years in the Live Entertainment Industry, focusing on operations and new businesses.

She was born in São Paulo and began her career in Human Resources, in the Pharmaceutical Industry, migrating to the Ticketing business, passing through large multinationals, other countries and the largest ticketing companies in Brazil, delivering tour operations, festivals, theaters, exhibitions, sporting and international events.

Passionate about traveling and experiencing new cultures, she has lived in Australia and is addicted to being able to provide unforgettable and exciting experiences for the public, especially in mega events with a big crowd operation strategy.

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